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I am tempted to do something very uncharacteristic of me and splurge on a frivolous item. I am seriously considering buying a Chi hair straightener. My $30 Zoe straightener gives a jolly good try at straightening my crazy heap of hair, but after seeing Anne Hathaway’s pin straight hair as Catwoman, I am wondering if there is a great big world out there of frizz-free, shiny straight hair that I am missing out on. If I started using a Chi, would I have to buy a special spray to protect my hair from the serious heat? Anyone out there have an opinion on Chis or hair straighteners in general?

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I tried a few ab exercises from Pinterest the other night (Sunday… I think). I may have started a little too gung-ho (especially considering my sit-ups do not seem to do the trick), and my abs are still sore. Should I do some more ab exercises tonight or should I wait for the soreness to go away?

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hair problems

Recently, my hair feels sticky and dry at the roots. I wondered if I wasn’t getting all of the shampoo and conditioner out of my hair, so I took an extra long time rinsing my hair today. No luck. Could this have something to do with hard water vs soft water? I’m not sure what I have, but it could be a factor. Also, we just got a new water heater. Related? Help! My roots look like I have hairspray on them when I don’t. Or my hair just looks greasy. Anyone else had a sticky-roots problem before and how did you solve it?

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If you asked me if I would like to purchase a Mindy Kaling Bobblehead, I would say, yes, yes I would. But this Kelly Kapoor Bobblehead (for the very reasonable price of 14.99, I might add) doesn’t really look like Mindy Kaling. I’m torn. I love this in theory, but in reality… eh… To buy or not to buy?

If you asked me if I would like to purchase a Mindy Kaling Bobblehead, I would say, yes, yes I would. But this Kelly Kapoor Bobblehead (for the very reasonable price of 14.99, I might add) doesn’t really look like Mindy Kaling. I’m torn. I love this in theory, but in reality… eh… To buy or not to buy?

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Toss or Keep?

I’m trying to get organized. Like, for reals. So, I’m going to post a few pictures of items that leave me on the fence between toss or keep. Let’s get ready to play.

Item Number One:

Old pair of black heels. The not quite pointy, not quite round toe looks a little Smurfish to me. Plus, the toe of the right shoe is a tiny bit scuffed. But they’re so practical and cute, um, right? So… toss or keep?

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Postage Scam (an old lady musing)

Riddle me this Batman, I bought a used book from Amazon’s website (read: not actually from Amazon but from a third party), and I paid one-day shipping fees to get the book to me asap (read: I should have ordered my textbook earlier than the first week of class). My Amazon receipt says that I paid $17 in shipping fees for the express shipping. I ordered the book on Monday, and it arrived today, Wednesday. The book arrived via the US Postal Service, and the stamp label says shipping cost $5.65. Does this mean the seller ripped me off? He just mailed it normally (from Illinois to Missouri) and kept the extra money I paid for fancy shipping?

Damn you, crafty Internet snake-oil salesmen!

P.S. On the other side of the coin, I had a different textbook arrive yesterday from a third-party via Amazon, and the seller turned out to live in my town! It gave me that Bedford Falls feelings.

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Serious Question

Which wand do I want? Harry’s wand or Hermione’s wand?

On the one hand, Hermione’s wand is cooler looking:

On the other hand, Harry’s wand is HARRY FREAKING POTTER’s wand.

I have between now and June 27th to decide when the 30% off coupon on all Harry Potter paraphernalia from Barnes and Noble expires. Of course, they are also selling Voldemort’s wand for those of you into the dark arts.

I think I’m going to get Hermione’s. That will also provide wand accuracy for any future Hermione costume occasions. Anyone want to persuade me to get both, I mean, Harry’s?

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Philosophical Dilemma

Patchouli is my favorite scent in the world,* which is kind of odd considering I’m not a hippie or even one of those girls who pretends to be a hippie. I keep a pristine, unused bar of patchouli and cinnamon scented soap inside a tiny yellow Burt’s Bees bag on my vanity amongst my perfume bottles, strewn necklaces, and make-up. The bar of soap is called Citrus Spice, to be exact. I think we’d all feel better if we kept a bar of good-smelling soap on our vanity for deep breathing.

But world peace is just going to have to wait, because Burt’s Bees Citrus Spice soap has been discontinued by the manufacturer, and I have the last bar in the world. Okay, I have no way of knowing if I own the sole existing bar of Citrus Spice, BUT I MIGHT. Obviously, I can’t use this soap, because once I do it will be gone forever. On the other hand, if I die, I’m going to feel foolish remorse postmortem for never having used the soap. What to do, what to do?

I guess it comes down to a philosophical dilemma like half-full cups versus half-empty cups. Do you use the soap or do you keep the soap? Seriously, I want an answer.

*The author has the right to renege this proclamation at any time to award another scent as most beloved including, but not limited to, baked goods, lavender sachets, her great-grandmother’s pearls, winter air, curry powder, plastic toys wrapped in plastic, gasoline, and new books.

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