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I just noticed I’m wearing a pink Mizzou tee-shirt and pink polka dot pajama shorts with pink and gold glitter nail polish sparkling on my fingers and toes. That’s a whole lotta pink going on. But I’m not complaining, because I think pink is the happiest color.

Sorry I’m not sorry that I love pink.

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Happy Halloween! I had a blast as Wednesday Addams in my $6 thrift-store dress even though the dress is pretty creepy when you realize it wasn’t originally a costume. I hope everyone else had fun tonight too. I always feel a little sad when a major holiday is over (I have to wait another year for Halloween?!?!?), but at least November and December offer their own hubbub.

Happy Halloween! I had a blast as Wednesday Addams in my $6 thrift-store dress even though the dress is pretty creepy when you realize it wasn’t originally a costume. I hope everyone else had fun tonight too. I always feel a little sad when a major holiday is over (I have to wait another year for Halloween?!?!?), but at least November and December offer their own hubbub.

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Strawberry Tall Cake

I was poking around on Pinterest yesterday when I saw this Summer Strawberry Coconut Cake recipe from candyjamamas.blogspot.com and it was love at first sight.

I made it last night (when I should have been reading for Minority Literature). These pictures are small and low quality, because I uploaded them from my phone, but you should get the idea.

In order from top to bottom: Some strawberry slicing required. // Arranging slices on the first layer, so there will be delicious strawberries in the middle of every bite. // Garnishing the top (I only added a little coconut because my family is crazy and doesn’t like coconut). // Slicing into the pretty pink cake (my iphone doesn’t have a flash, so it looks pinker in person).

Overall, this cake is a beautiful alternative for someone who loves the look of Red Velvet cake, but isn’t crazy about the taste of Red Velvet (ahem, me). This may become my go-to dessert recipe for summer parties.

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Petrified Peeps

Don’t judge me, but I was rearranging some books on my bookshelf (which looks like the last lifeboat of the Titanic, that is how full it is), and I found some Peeps. Two pink Peep chicks in a Ziploc baggie and one pink Peep chick in a separate Ziploc baggie. They aren’t from this Easter, as in yesterday. I’m not entirely sure they’re from 2010’s Easter either. I didn’t open either baggie, but from the outside they feel as hard as petrified Peeps. Logic says to throw them away. Whimsy says to use them as a door stop.

Fine! Stop judging me. I will throw them away.

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Everything I know about myself I learned from Mindy Kaling

If Oprah called me up and asked me to write one of those highly-emotive “What I Know For Sure” essays, then I’d have to say this: You are who you idolize. Every book, family member, movie, TV show, neighbor, friend, advertisement, athlete, magazine image, and photo you collect in your subconscious as a kid stays with you until you die. Your judgment severs each characterization into the qualities you value and the qualities you detest. Then you grow up accordingly. Vonnegut had another way of putting this, “We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful what we pretend to be.”

I don’t know what it’s like to grow up as a guy, or to grow up in a time other than the ’90s/’00s. But for me, and I imagine other girls my age, it seemed like there were only ever two options. Do you want to be pretty, or do you want to be smart? Do you want to be Kelly Kapowski and Lisa Turtle, or do you want to be Jessi Spano? Do you want to be Daphne, or do you want to be Velma? Do you want to be the pink power ranger or the yellow power ranger? You can’t be both.

I believed prettiness and intelligence were mutually exclusive for a long time. I wanted to be smart more than I wanted to be (or believed I could be) pretty. There’s a really funny Halloween picture of seven-year-old me as a very pissed-off cheerleader (yes, my former-cheerleader mother picked out my costume that year). Given the rigid categories, I have no regrets for the choices I made regarding what to idolize.

As an adult, the rules change but the game remains the same. Do you want to get ahead in your professional life? Hope you aren’t too girly. Do you want to be President of the United States? Break out those pantsuits, Hillary. Don’t you dare wear lipstick while talking policy or else you’ll be branded sexy and silly.


Mindy Kaling is like the proverbial middle finger to all of this. She’s crazy successful as an actress, writer, director, and producer on The Office. It’d be easy to write off her Nora Ephron references and satirical jokes as inconsequential as her character, Kelly, who loves love, shopping, and celebrities. That’s why I think Kaling’s brilliance and humor fly under the radar sometimes. You can’t laugh at jokes you don’t get, and I think that’s why the Hollywood cliche says women aren’t funny. Men control the conversation, and it feels like the only women who get ahead are the ones who sell out their femininity for a second-rate version of testosterone.

It’s kind of like this ongoing debate I used to have with a guy friend of mine. He’d say, sorry, but men are biologically stronger. It’s just a fact of nature. I’d try to explain to him that maybe, on average, men have more upper-body strength. But who gets to decide that upper-body strength is the litmus test for being the stronger sex? Women have more lower-body strength. So, while a guy may be able to open a jar of peanut butter faster than I can, women can push 10 pound babies through their pelvis and out of their vaginal canal. 

I know I’m getting on a soapbox tangent here. I really only intended to post this link to say, “HEY! GUESS WHAT, YOU GUYS! MINDY KALING WROTE A BOOK AND THESE ARE THE IMAGES FROM HER BOOK JACKET PHOTOSHOOT!” I just get caught-up in my Mindy Kaling love. She’s pretty, smart, funny, successful, and unapologetically girly. Can we please form some sort of coalition for smart girls who make girlish, tongue-in-cheek jokes?

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The Best of the Best Dressed

Drumroll please.

Honorable mention for Best Dressed goes to Lea Michele. I know she rubs some people the wrong way, but I think she’s just someone who cares a lot about what she does. I prefer over zealous people to apathetic people. You can tell by her dress choice (bright, cheerful, dramatic but not over-the-top, youthful) that she’s thrilled to be at the Golden Globes.

Third place goes to Angelina straight from the Emerald City. I am in love with this green fabric. I’m not a huge fan of the square shoulders and sleeves, even though I know it’s trending. Points deducted for what my mom would call, “long witchy hair.” Also, why do Brad and Angie always look so smug, bored and superior at awards shows? It’s not like they ever win anything.

Second place, or first-runner up should the Best Dressed winner be unable to fulfill her duties of style for the course of the year, is undeniably Natalie Portman. This dress is elegant and imaginative, which is just an unlikely combination as pink and red. Yet, she looks like Audrey Hepburn. I only wish her hair were a little less lopsided.

Finally, the Best Dressed Fairest Mermaid of them all Award goes to… a surprising pick…

Scarlett Johansson. This dress is the perfect silhouette. This is how you wear shimmery sparkles (not like Carrie Underwood’s prom dress from last night). This is how you pull off nude monochromatic color (take note, Emma). This dress is visual sociology, which is the entire point of fashion. The look is optimistic yet respectful to our nation’s tough times, an homage to glamorous Hollywood, feminine, and refreshing. Just in case you thought the dress was too vanilla, she amped up the drama in her hair. Picturesque.

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