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Designing Women Makeover

Formatting these is a pain in the tuckus, but I finally just did a screen capture, put it in iphoto, dragged it to the desktop and converted it to a JPEG in Preview. Now I can make spaces between lines!


Okay, back to the matter at hand. Charlene is probably the most underrated character on the show. When I was a little girl, and watching Designing Women reruns with my mom, Charlene was my least favorite. She’s not glamorous like Suzanne. She’s not sharp as a whip like Julia. She’s not as sarcastic as Mary Jo (who was my favorite when I was little). Charlene is sincere, sweet, unjaded, gullible, and generous. As an adult, I can see now that the world is in desperate need of more Charlenes.

The funny thing about putting together outfits for Charlene is that she’s from Missouri but lives in Georgia, which should be easy for me to incorporate because I’m from Missouri but I visit family in Georgia a lot. I gave her more blouses and to go with an everyday pair of jeans, because that’s how we keep things practical in the Midwest.

Charlene is also the hopeless romantic of the bunch. So of course, she would love the OPI color called “Italian Love Affair.” She’s also seen on the show wearing a lot of bangle bracelets and dangly earrings. Lucky for Charlene, she can easily still wear those in 2012. I also think Charlene would get a kick out of wearing leopard print flats now that animal prints are used in a more basic way without such an over-the-top connotation.

Three women down, one more to go! I hope anyone out there who has never seen this show will give it a chance. There are reruns on the TV guide channel sometimes and seasons 1-5 have been released on DVD!

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Designing Women Makeover

Julia Sugarbaker
I’m still getting the hang of posting to my blog from Polyvore, but I think this post *might* not be too wonky in layout (unlike the hot mess below).
Let’s move on to Julia Sugarbaker, played by Dixie Carter. Julia is the smartest female television character to ever be written and sadly we just don’t have strong, opinionated women like her on TV anymore.*
Julia is the oldest of the four leading women, so her style is going to be more mature. I’ve noticed that she wears a lot of red in the series, most likely to symbolize her fiery personality. Julia is never short on witty quips to put someone in his or her place. There are many powerful, issue-related episodes in which Julia rants and raves in the most articulate and concise way.
The kind of clothes I’d imagine Julia wearing today are very structured. She’d wear blazers and sweaters to run her business. For a date with Rhys, she’d wear a little black dress and demure kitten heels. I also added pearls for any occassion, because Julia is always a class act.
*Feel free to correct me. No, really, please tell me there is someone else like Julia Sugarbaker on TV. While there are other smart female characters, they seem to have a self-confidence problem or extreme klutziness or some other overhanging flaw to diminish their intelligence.

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Designing Women Makeover

Suzanne Sugarbaker in the new Millenium
Suzanne Sugarbaker in the new Millenium by aviatormermaids featuring one shoulder evening dresses
Many thanks to Staley from the blog In Staley’s Atmosphere for telling me about Polyvore. I’ve seen so many bloggers and pinners make style boards, but I assumed they were going through the hassle of Photoshop and InDesign— not so! Polyvore, for those of you out of the loop like I was, is a simple way to drag images of clothes and accessories to a style board. Now I can easily reinvent the wardrobe of the cast of Designing Women!
I’m starting with Suzanne, played by Delta Burke, which is only fitting because she cares the most about style anyway. Suzanne is a beautiful former beauty queen with a calculating mind and blunt mouth. She is most often compared to Scarlett O’Hara on the show, perhaps because she also sees men as a means to get what she wants. Suzanne is the younger sister of Julia, who owns Sugarbaker’s, but Suzanne definitely doesn’t live in anyone’s shadow.
In true Scarlett fashion, I gave Suzanne a stunning green gown for formal ocassions. No doubt, Suzanna would be thrilled to know she can still wear sequins and baubles in 2012, just fewer pieces at once. Suzanne’s figure is curvy, so I gave her a fur-trimmed coat that belts at the waist to flatter her figure. Of course, Suzanne would never miss an opportunity to show off her tiara.

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Tuesday’s Thoughts

I’ve been faithful to my treadmill lately in attempting the Couch to 5k Plan. I only missed one day last week, but I decided to repeat last week’s goals anyway. That means I am on week 3, but I am going to repeat week 2 before moving forward. This will result in me finishing a week later, but my point was never to run an official 5k by a certain date. Plus, I lost two pounds so far. A pound a week feels slow, but in ten weeks I wouldn’t be complaining if I lost ten lbs.

I love sneaking in a chapter of David Sedaris’s book Naked before I fall asleep at night. I have so much academic reading I should be doing that it feels quite rebellious, like indulging in a slice of cake as a midnight snack.

I watched Two Broke Girls last night for the first time. I want to like this show, because I love the title and the concept. Sarcastic broke brunette waitress shares an apartment with bubbly blonde former heiress who also becomes a waitress. Sounds fun, right? Last night’s episode was just okay. The show’s biggest problem, in my opinion, is not that it’s a CBS show (which it is), but that it FEELS like a CBS show. If NBC had picked up the show, then it would be hilarious. If ABC were running the show, then there’d be beautiful sets and costumes with outrageous plot twists (somebody would be dead by episode two). If the show were on Fox, then it’d be a reality show of two real-life waitresses. All of these options probably have a better survival rate than the in-the-box sitcom CBS is producing, and that’s a shame.

Okay I need to stop pontificating on Fall’s TV line-up. We still have The New Girl, which airs in T-minus twenty minutes. Time to hunker down. Yup, I said “hunker down.”

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Sunday Night TV

Duchess Sarah Ferguson having a self-esteem conversation with Suze Orman is seriously the best thing on TV right now.

Suze: Do you like yourself?

Sarah: Of course not!

Suze: I have a crush on myself.

Sarah: Do you?

Suze: Oh yeah, I actually do.

Sarah: Do you?

Suze: Yeah, I don’t feel bad about saying that.

It’s like American pop psychology meets British stiff upper lip. Hilars.

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