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Tuesday’s Thoughts

I’ve been faithful to my treadmill lately in attempting the Couch to 5k Plan. I only missed one day last week, but I decided to repeat last week’s goals anyway. That means I am on week 3, but I am going to repeat week 2 before moving forward. This will result in me finishing a week later, but my point was never to run an official 5k by a certain date. Plus, I lost two pounds so far. A pound a week feels slow, but in ten weeks I wouldn’t be complaining if I lost ten lbs.

I love sneaking in a chapter of David Sedaris’s book Naked before I fall asleep at night. I have so much academic reading I should be doing that it feels quite rebellious, like indulging in a slice of cake as a midnight snack.

I watched Two Broke Girls last night for the first time. I want to like this show, because I love the title and the concept. Sarcastic broke brunette waitress shares an apartment with bubbly blonde former heiress who also becomes a waitress. Sounds fun, right? Last night’s episode was just okay. The show’s biggest problem, in my opinion, is not that it’s a CBS show (which it is), but that it FEELS like a CBS show. If NBC had picked up the show, then it would be hilarious. If ABC were running the show, then there’d be beautiful sets and costumes with outrageous plot twists (somebody would be dead by episode two). If the show were on Fox, then it’d be a reality show of two real-life waitresses. All of these options probably have a better survival rate than the in-the-box sitcom CBS is producing, and that’s a shame.

Okay I need to stop pontificating on Fall’s TV line-up. We still have The New Girl, which airs in T-minus twenty minutes. Time to hunker down. Yup, I said “hunker down.”

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Hot Guys Reading Books

I have an exciting announcement to make! Lindsay (one of my closest friends) and I were both chosen to be new contributing writers to the popular blog Hot Guys Reading Books. Here’s where the story gets a little Twilight-zoneish: I had no idea Lindsay had applied to contribute, and she had no idea I had applied. When I received the congratulatory e-mail, I saw the other new girl was named Lindsay. I didn’t think anything of the name coincidence, but I was thrilled to participate with HGRB. Lindsay, on the other hand, is more of a Sherlock Holmes than me. She immediately checked this “Kristin’s” e-mail address only to discover it was me. Imagine my surprise when she texted me the news.

Long story short: click on the link to restore your faith in hot guys reading books. They do exist.

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