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Perfect Moment

I have my box of stationery, stickers, and stamps out. I’m writing letters, watching “You’ve Got Mail” on TBS, and using my fancy college dictionary as a coaster to my glass of Cherry Coke. I love Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) so much in this movie I can’t take it.

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Omg, one of my friends whom I used to work with at Barnes and Noble posted this video on FB. Watching this makes me smile and feel overwhelmed with emphatic agreement. Can I get an AMEN from fellow booksellers or recovering booksellers? Just substitute “book” for “CD” or “DVD” and make the customer a creepy, perverted 40- to 70-year-old man, and you can start to understand my experience of working in a bookstore’s music/dvd department. Sadly, working in a bookstore is nothing like Meg Ryan reading stories to children and flirting with Tom Hanks in “You’ve Got Mail.”

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