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I get up early. I stay up late.

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Good Morning

Wake up. Slather a little Mederma on the scar on my face. Devour a bowl of EnviroKidz Gluten Free Organic Panda Puffs. Lick my lips in satisfaction and taste something peculiar on the tip of my tongue. Think: “I didn’t eat any cinnamon raisin bread… what is that taste…?” Extend tongue farther and lick all the Mederma off of my face. Realize what I have just done. Run to the kitchen sink to wash off my tongue. Drink Orange Juice. Start day.

Filed under Keeping it Real Breakfast Mederma Panda Puffs really are delicious D'oh! scar Oh so today's going to be like that I am easily destracted by peanut-butter flavored things.

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